Being the Alexa Guy, I get the same question over and over.

Is Alexa listening to me?

And the answer is, “Of course,” but maybe not like you’re thinking.

You see, Alexa is always listening, but just for her “wake word” which is Alexa.

When you say her name, she starts recording what you say until you stop or tell her to.

You can find these recordings in the Alexa mobile app and delete any or all of them.

But Jeff Bezos isn’t recording everything you say and sending it back to Amazon Headquarters for analysis.

Be real, there’s not enough hard storage space or bandwidth in the world to constantly record what everyone in America is saying and then store it on hard drives. 

The history of technology has always been a tradeoff of a little privacy for a lot of convenience. And Alexa is no different. It really will change your life the better if you let it.

Besides, there’s an even bigger privacy threat than Alexa and you’re carrying it around with you all the time.

It’s your phone. Just like Alexa, it’s always listening for its wake work, but it also has your banking info…and a list of all your friends…and it knows where you are at all times…and it has access to your emails…and your internet history…

I’m Jeff Smith the Alexa Guy. Thanks for your time.