Want better sound out of your Echo Dots?

I’’ll give you a cool hack in just a minute.

Like to listen to music on your Echo Dot, but wish the audio was better?

You could buy an Echo Plus for bigger sound, or even spring for one of the new JBL speaks with Alexa built in. But I’ve got a much more economical way…buy a second Echo Dot.

You can now connect two Echo devices of same model-type into a stereo pair. Instead of that sound coming out of one little place, it’s now in stereo providing a much bigger, fuller sound.

You can even connect them through Bluetooth to your computer to use as computer speakers while still having the full functionality of Alexa.

Echo Dots go on sale often. In fact, at the time of this recording, they’re going less than $25US at Amazon.com.

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Thanks for listening! I’m Jeff the Alexa Guy.