Saving up for a Bluetooth home theater system?

I’ve got a better way. I’ll explain in just a minute.

Hey it’s Jeff Smith, the Alexa Guy. Thanks for listening.

The new Bluetooth home theaters are much easier to setup than in the old days, when you had wires running everywhere. But they can get expensive.

So why not build an Alexa Bluetooth Home Theater? If your receiver or TV can pair with Bluetooth speakers, just get two of the same kind of Echo speakers, like two standard Echoes. Connect them as a Stereo Pair, as I mentioned on yesterday’s episode. Then add an Echo Sub for bass and you have a rocking 2.1 system.

Echo devices go on sale often. In fact, the setup I mention above would cost less than $250US, based on the prices today. And you have a fully-functional Alexa device that can also control your TV, stereo and TiVo.

Use two Echo Dots instead of the standard Echoes, and the ultimate sound system for watching movies on your iPad.

If you want to get started with Alexa, check out my website at Thanks for listening!