Can you get your Flash Briefing on Google Home?

I’ve got the answer in just a minute.

A lot of people ask me if there’s anything like Alexa Flash Briefings on Google Home. And the answer is yes and no.

Yes, there is a “Flash Briefing”-like feature when you ask Google for the news.

But, they only allows a small group of mainstream news sources to be the choices. So there’s no way to get your briefing included unless you can get approved as an official “Google News Source.”

But your Flash Briefing can become a custom skill on Google Home, like this…

Hey Google, play the Alexa Guy Voice Minute podcast.

[Google Response]

This can happen with any podcast host, like Podbean or Libsyn or 

Alexa Guy Flash Briefing hosting. We use some special voodoo to make it happen pretty quickly on Alexa Guy Hosting. 

But give it a try on a Google Home device or on the Google Assistant app for your phone to see if your Alexa Flash Briefing is also a Google Home Skill.

I’m Jeff Smith the Alexa Guy. Thanks for listening!