Need another reason to keep your briefing really brief?

I’ve got one for you in just a minute.

I know everyone gets tired of me saying again and again, “Keep your Alexa Flash Briefing under a minute.”

But with more than 200 clients, I can see what grows fastest and briefings that are 60 seconds or less simply grow faster than those that are 2 minutes or more.

But as I was watching my own briefing expand to a 75 or 90 seconds, I realized something that got me back on track. 

Instagram only allows you to share videos that are 60 seconds or less. Instagram is a part of my social media strategy, and I create audiograms for each episode to post on Instagram and YouTube.

When I saw this, I made a decision then and there to keep them under 60 seconds to make sure I can spread them far and wide on social media.

I think you should too.

So today’s “Call to Action” is for you to make sure your next batch of episodes is under 60 seconds. You’ll be glad you did. 

Thanks for listening!