Want to use Alexa as a groovy intercom system?

I’ll tell you how in just a minute.

When my wife and I were searching for our first home, we looked at a lot of houses that were built in the late 70s. They were full of wood paneling, built-in bars and ancient intercom systems.

While it was a funny to see what future communication looked like to people in the 70s, there’s no denying an intercom system can come in handy from time to time. Like when you forget to grab a towel before getting in the shower. Or when you need to ask someone upstairs to bring something down to you.

That’s where in-home Alexa Drop Ins can help. If you’ve got more than one Alexa device, you can just say “Alexa, drop in on the kitchen” and you’re immediately speaking with someone in the kitchen, intercom-style.

All you need to this up is say “Alexa, enable drop-in,” then learn the names of the devices in various rooms.

The future is here and it’s really groovy, man.

Thanks for listening! I’m Jeff the Alexa Guy.