I’m Jeff Smith and this is a Live Voice Minute.

I thought that today, I’d give you a few facts about Alexa that you probably don’t know.

For instance, There are currently over 100 million alexa devices in offices and homes.

In fact, Alexa reached a 100 million unit install-base faster than any device in history…even faster than the iPhone. Even faster than the Internet itself.

Alexa was the best-selling product last Christmas and the Christmas before! Not just on Amazon… it was the best-selling product PERIOD!

And it will be the best-selling product this Christmas, too. 

Think about that…on December 25, millions of people will open their new Alexa devices, connect them to their wifi and start searching for content in the Alexa App Store.

Does your brand have an Alexa Strategy to engage those people and convert them into paying customers?

If not, you better get started.

If you’d like to learn more about Alexa strategies for business, attend one of my webinars. you can sign up at alexaguy.com/webinar.