Is the Alexa Guy afraid Alexa’s listening?

I’ll tell you in just a minute.

On Facebook the other day, a friend was spreading fear about Alexa listening to everything he says. And by the comments that followed his post, it was obvious that many others felt the same way.

But a few hours later, I was having a conversation with my wife, when suddenly Alexa made a noise and her light ring started pulsating green.

I thought that green meant there was a message for me, so I said “Alexa, give me my messages.” She said I didn’t have any and kept glowing green.

I asked her why she was glowing green. She couldn’t tell me.

Right about the time my wife and I were getting a little freaked out that maybe someone was listening, I asked, “Alexa, give me my notifications.”

She then told me that one of my favorite authors had a new book coming out.

A little green light caused me to stress…to worry…to almost give in to paranoia. All for a crummy commercial.

All Alexa had to do to alleviate my concern was to answer why she was glowing green. But she couldn’t. So this is a feature request to Alexa’s developers: find ways to answer customers’ concerns quickly and easily.

And maybe don’t call an advertisement a notification.

I’m Jeff Smith the Alexa Guy. Thanks for listening!