You’ve got a Flash Briefing and you want more listeners.

I’ve got the answer in just a minute.

We all want more listeners to our Flash Briefing and here’s one of the best ways to get them: talk about your briefing on other people’s podcasts.

Podcast hosts are always looking for expert guests, and your Flash Briefing is proof that you’re an authority in the space.

Just do a google search for your niche plus the word “podcast.” Check out each website from the results and look for a link on their site that says something like, “Be a guest.”

The benefit is two-fold: one, you get a whole new audience hearing the value you offer, and two, the show-notes for the podcast will include a link to your Flash Briefing, which is great for search engine optimization.

This week, I’m be sharing ways to market your Flash Briefing. It’s in preparation for the launch of my new marketing course, which comes out in a few weeks. You can pre-order it today and save over 50% by going to

I’m Jeff Smith. Thanks for listening!