Let’s get more listeners to your Alexa Flash Briefing.

I’ve got a great tip you’ll learn in just a minute.

Do people even know you have an Alexa Flash Briefing? The quickest way to make sure people listen is to provide them with the URL of your Flash Briefing.

If you’re one of my clients, I’ve already sent you a short URL of your briefing’s page on Amazon.

If you’re not a client, just go to Amazon.com and type the name of your briefing in the search box and change where it searches from “All” to “Alexa Skills.”

Click your briefing’s link and copy the URL. Then go to bitly.com to create a great short URL.

Add that Short URL everywhere: In your email signature, on your social media profiles, in flyers. Basically put it everywhere you’d put a link to your website or Facebook page.

This week, I’m be sharing ways to market your Flash Briefing. It’s in preparation for the launch of my new marketing course, which comes out in a few weeks. You can pre-order it today and save over 50% by going to alexaguy.com/course

I’m Jeff Smith the Alexa Guy. Thanks for listening!