Want a really quick hack to get more listeners?

I’ll give you the scoop in just a minute.

Hey everybody, it’s Jeff Smith the Alexa Guy.

The number one question I get everyday is “how do I get more listeners?”

Well, here’s a quick hack to do just that, old-school style: Create some Alexa Flash Briefing business cards. 

They should have your name and the URL of your briefing. You can get 500 from and online printer like  Vistaprint for less than $10

Then, use meetup.com to find local events where you’ll come face-to-face with folks who share your interests. Mention your Flash Briefing and give them a card.

This week I’ll be sharing other ways to market your Flash Briefing in preparation for the launch of my new marketing course, coming out soon. You can pre-order it today and save over 50% off. Just go to alexaguy.com/course

I’m Jeff Smith the Alexa Guy. Thanks for listening!