Are you truly making Alexa your voice assistant?

I’ll help you answer that in just a minute.

Yesterday, we talked about Alexa enabled devices at CES. One of the cool things about smart home devices, whether they have voice built in or not, is that you can use them with Alexa to create a voice routine.

For example, if you have smart lights and a smart coffee pot, you can create a routine where Alexa wakes you with an alarm, and when you say “Alexa, start morning routine,” she then turns on the kitchen and bathroom lights and begins making coffee.

You can also set these routines on a schedule, which means Alexa will do this routine without you saying anything. You can just make it happen at a set time each day with no command at all.

There’s a reason Alexa is a voice assistant. Start using her today to make your life better.

I’m Jeff Smith the Alexa Guy.

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