Want to get your podcast or Flash Briefing on Google Home?

I’ll tell you how in just a minute.

Hey everyone, it’s Jeff Smith the Alexa Guy.

Today, I’m going to switch gears to Google Home. Even though I’m the Alexa Guy, I work in other voice platforms, as well.

You might think that getting onto Google Home is as simple as getting onto Google Play Podcasts. And you’d be 50% right.

If you get your show on Google Play, it will usually EVENTUALLY show up in Google Assistant, which drives Google Home. But here’s the rub…that’s only true in the USA. 

Outside the states, you actually have get FOUND by Google Assistant. And that’s even the preferred way Google wants you to use in the US, as well.

So how do you get found by Google Assistant? Well, it’s a multistep process, so we’ll have to cover that tomorrow. But if you just want me to set it for you, let me know and I’ll get right on it for you.

Thanks for listening and check out my website at AlexaGuy.com