Want to get big brands to mention your Alexa Flash Briefing on social media?

I’ll tell you how in just a minute.

Today I’m giving you a marketing tip that could help you get new followers quickly.

Everyone knows that social media has democratized access to big brands, but how do you leverage that for your briefing? It’s actually easy…just talk about a big brand on your show and alert them to it through social media.

Last week, I did just that to test it. I recorded 3 episodes and when I posted the shows to social media, I tagged the brands by their handles.

The result? I got retweeted or liked by by TiVo, Podbean and First Alert. Those retweets led to over 100 more downloads than the week before.

But it’s important to mention that your episode still needs to provide value to your listeners, it can’t just be a gimmick to get retweeted. Use this trick every once in a while in an authentic way and watch your show get some free publicity.

hanks for listening and check out my website at AlexaGuy.com