Want to buy an Alexa or Google Home device cheap?

I’ll tell you how in just a minute.

Hey everyone, it’s Jeff Smith, the Alexa Guy.

I’m always on the lookout for great prices on voice assistants because my clients often want to know where to buy them at a bargain.

Well, right now, the best place to buy is Facebook Marketplace.

Why? Because a lot of people got voice devices for Christmas and are selling them. Some got too many, some don’t want them or whatever. But it all means a bargain for you.

Just click “Marketplace” in Facebook – it’s in the left hand menu. Then search “Alexa” or “Echo” or “Google Home.”

Everyone’s Marketplace is different because it shows items within a short distance to your home.

You’ll find some folks want WAY too much money, so know your prices before going in. Among the deals on my Marketplace right now is an Echo Dot for $19 and a bunch of brand new Google Home minis for $20 each.

Thanks for listening and check out my website at AlexaGuy.com.