Want to reduce noise on your Flash Briefing?

I’ll give you a quick tip in just a minute.

If your audio has noise, like clicks or machine noise, you just need a little help from Noise Reduction. 

And that’s where a program like the awesome – and completely FREE – Audacity comes in. Just go to https://audacityteam.org to download it and to learn more.

To easily reduce noise, just open your audio file in Audacity and find a section of silence about two seconds long. 

Highlight the silent section and then go to “Effects” and choose “Noise Reduction.”

In the window that opens, click “Get noise profile” near the top. It will figure out the proper noise reduction settings. 

Then, highlight the entire audio file and go to “Effects” and “Noise reduction” again. but this time, choose “Okay” near the bottom and it will silence that pesky noise.

Thanks for listening and check out my website at AlexaGuy.com.