Can Alexa tell the difference between you and your spouse?

Find out in just a minute.

When the internet was just getting started, my wife and I shared one email account on AOL. Eventually, we each needed our own account.

The same will be true for Alexa. Once you begin using her for your calendar, your text messages and so on, you’re going to need your own account.

Luckily, Amazon’s ready for that with Alexa Voice Profiles. Once you’ve created your profiles, you can have the Flash Briefings you want to hear, and your spouse can listen to ones they want. You can also set up separate shopping lists, music playlists and more.

It’s really easy to set up, Just say “Alexa, learn my voice.” Then follow the instructions.

Additional users will need to create a profile in the Alexa app and then tell her to learn their voice. Everyone in your house can have a separate profile.

Give it a try, it will make Alexa even more useful. And check out my website at