How do you create good SEO for your Flash Briefings?

I’ll break it down in just a minute.

Hey everyone, it’s Jeff Smith, the Alexa Guy.

We all want to optimize our websites with good SEO, but how do we do that a Flash Briefing? Here’s how:

All of my clients get an archive page for their Flash Briefing, no matter whether they’re hosted on Podbean, Libsyn or our own Alexa Guy hosting. That archive page gives your listeners the ability to listen to previous episodes.

But it’s also a great place for long-tail SEO. And how do you do that? Just put a transcript of your show in each episode. If you write your scripts out, it’s easy to copy and paste. 

But what if you don’t?

Two words: YouTube and Headliner. Each provides free transcripts you can paste into your episodes. Plus, Headliner will create an audiogram for you to use when posting your briefing in YouTube.

And my posting and scheduling service offers automated transcriptions for an extra fee. Let me know if you want more info.

Tomorrow, we’re going to discuss 3 things you can do immediately to effectively market your briefing.

We’ll see you then.