Is Alexa recording everything you say?

Find out in just a minute.

Hey, it’s Jeff Smith, the Alexa Guy. And one of the things I’m asked most often is about Alexa and privacy.

“Alexa’s recording everything I say” is a common thing many folks say.

But here’s the truth on the matter: While Alexa is always listening for her “wake word,” she’s not listening to or recording everything you say.

There’s not enough bandwidth or storage space in the world for Amazon to record everything 50 million users say and upload it to their servers.

In fact, a recent study by Witlingo showed that your phone is a much bigger security threat than Alexa. Because your phone is also always listening, plus it knows where you are, has a copy of your fingerprints and all of your emails.

The history of technology has always been a balancing act of trading privacy for convenience and voice assistants are no different. But you can always go in to the Alexa app at Settings>Alexa Account>then Alexa Privacy and see everything that’s been recorded and delete whatever you want.

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