Want to turn your passion into your profession?

That could happen within 2 years. I’ll explain in just a minute.

Hey, it’s Jeff Smith, the Alexa Guy. Thanks for listening.

Most of my clients use their Flash Briefings for their businesses, which is always a good idea. But the big payoff might actually come from folks who have a Flash Briefing around their hobby or passion.

I worked in Hollywood for years, including the time when most of us began hearing about this new thing called the Internet. In those early days of the web, a few people began building websites dedicated to their passions.

I knew a guy who created an online TV show database. Another started a movie website. There was even a guy who wrote Hollywood gossip and political rumors from a bar stool along the Sunset Strip.

They were just publishing things they loved and weren’t doing it for the money. But guess what…they became authorities on their passions, and a few years later, that first guy sold his TV show database to CBS, who turned it into TV.com. The second guy’s site, Ain’t it Cool News became so important to a film’s success that studios began paying him big money and flying him first class to premieres. The third guy, Matt Drudge, became one the most influential voices in online news.

That early stage of the internet is exactly where we are with voice right now. If you start a Flash Briefing about your hobby or passion, you could be the authority on it in 2-3 years and begin making a lot of money from it.

I know I’m starting mine in a couple of weeks. Thanks for listening and be sure to check out my website at Alexaguy.com