How does your Flash Briefing rate?

We’ll talk about that in just a minute.

This week, we’re talking about the formula for the perfect flash briefing

  • 1 minute long
  • 1 time per day
  • 1 great piece of content for the user
  • 1 call to action
  • 1 person asked everyday for a review

Today we’re wrapping it all up and looking at getting ratings and reviews from your listeners

Part of our service here at Alexa Guy is that we optimize your descriptions and your keywords to make sure you come up in every search that makes sense for your business.

But it’s important to understand that reviews are the fuel that drive your show to the top of the search results.

And they’re so easy to get. Just ask one person everyday to listen to your show and give it a review if they like it. Send an email to a colleague. Text message a friend. Tell someone at a conference.

Just make a simple change when you tell them about your briefing. Instead of saying “listen to my Alexa Flash Briefing.” Say “listen to my Alexa Flash Briefings AND leave me a review if you like it.”

And before you know it, you’ll be dominating the Alexa store search results

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